Christian K. Kikuchi, MD Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Reconstructive Surgery
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Patient Forms

You may download Dr. Kikuchi’s New Patient History Forms prior to your first visit with his office.  Please fill out the following forms and bring them with you to our office during your visit. Your First Visit If you are seeing Dr. Kikuchi for the first time, patients do wonder what the first visit is like. The following information can provide you with details to prepare you for your first visit with Dr. Kikuchi.
  • Upon arrival to the office, you will be given a set of forms for registration and permission for Dr. Kikuchi to see you for your particular condition.
  • Please bring a photo ID, your insurance cards and your parking ticket if at the Hale Pawa’a location for parking validation.
  • You will then check in with Dr. Kikuchi’s staff, at this time if you haven’t already filled out the above New Patient Forms, these will be given to you and then X-Rays will be taken at our office in order to provide Dr. Kikuchi with all the information necessary to provide the most comprehensive care for your condition.
    • If you have had X-Rays prior to this visit, please bring the actual pictures with you so that Dr. Kikuchi may review the pictures to determine if they are adequate or not for the visit.
    • In addition, if you had a MRI or CT Scan for your condition, please bring these pictures as well, they provide different information than X-Rays and even if you have had these performed, Dr. Kikuchi may still need X-Rays performed to provide the best care possible for you.
  • Once this is completed, staff members will then call for you to be placed into an examination room and Dr. Kikuchi will then see you.
Post Surgical Rehabilitation Programs Below you will find electronic copies of Dr. Kikuchi’s Post Operative Patient Rehabilitation Handouts for some of the more commonplace conditions that are treated.
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